Sunday, August 19, 2007

Fall Fairs 2007

Hi, and welcome to my decision making process. Some of you helped me last year, and some are new to this.... all are valued greatly. Last year I entered into the Salmon Arm Fair and this year I had planned to enter there again, as well as in the Armstrong Fair, but I went to their web sites and realized that there is an overlap in dates the photos have to be there (at Armstrong until September 3, have to be at Salmon Arm by August 24). So I think I'll just exhibit in Armstrong this year as it is much closer so less driving to and fro. The Armstrong Fair (Interior Provincial Exhibition or IPE) is a rather large fair, so far as I know it's the second largest in BC, second only to the PNE (Pacific National Exhibition) in Vancouver.

I need your help to decide which photos to enter, so if you could tell me which you like best... and why... it would really help a lot. I appreciate your help very much.

Below, in this dark gold color, is posted information from the website of the Armstrong Fair, the Interior Provincial Exhibition.

(I've bolded items pertaining specifically to my interests)

SECTIONS: How do you decide which section to enter?

1. ADVANCED - For experienced photographers and
others who want more critical judging than given in
the Novice class. Willing to submit a minimum size of
8 x 10 inches.

2. NOVICE - For less experienced photographers than
advanced, and those who have done well in the Open
classes in the past, and who wish to have more critical
judging of their work than is offered in the Open classes.
Willing to submit a minimum size of 5 x 7 inches.

3. OPEN - Open to everyone, particularly beginners and
those who just enjoy taking pictures; minimum size of
3 1/2 x 5 inches accepted so no enlargements

(These are the same for Novice and Advanced, just use different class numbers)

-Animal(s), domestic or wild, colour
-Botanical, plants, all types, colour
-Pictorial/Scenic- landscape, seascape, mountains
aerials, colour
- Portrait, single person, colour.
-Portrait, group (2 or more persons), colour.
Animal(s) domestic or wild, black & white
-Botanical, plants, all types, black & white
-Pictorial/Scenic- landscape, seascape, mountains
aerials, black & white
-Portrait, single person, black & white
-Portrait, group (2 or more persons), black & white
-Sports/Action, all types, black & white or colour
-Experimental/digitally enhanced/composites, black &
white or colour.
Please note: digital photographs size increased to 81/2 x
11 inches

Note Classes 25, - 27, are rotating THEME classes.
Theme subject(s) should be predominant in the
25. Snapshot, ANIMALS, DOMESTIC OR WILD by an
ADULT, black & white or colour
26. Snapshot, ANIMALS, DOMESTIC OR WILD by a
TEEN, black & white or colour. (Please put age of
photographer when photograph was taken on back of
27. Snapshot, ANIMALS, DOMESTIC OR WILD) by a
CHILD, black & white or colour, (Please put age of
photographer when photo taken on back of entry).
28. Panoramic Format, - Snapshot, ANY SUBJECT black
& white or colour
29. Snapshot Theme Photograph:” Patterns” this class is
Open to Adults only.
30. Snapshot Theme Photograph:” Patterns” this class is
Open to TEENS only.
31. Snapshot Theme Photograph:” Patterns” this class is
Open to CHILDREN only.
32. Computer Calendar: Design a 2008 computer calendar
using a picture or pictures for each month. The theme
for this year’s calendar is “HORSES’ as this is the
theme for the I.P.E. in 2007 ”A Salute to the Light

It's a good thing I just read the rules, 2 of which I share here:
-Any one exhibitor may enter a total of six (6)
photographic prints.
-No more than one (1) print may be entered in the
same class.

The total of 6 makes a difference to how I was going to play this game. {rethinking, rethinking....}

Okay.... here are the categories I'm going to enter (this process is not easy for me...hhhmmmm):

-Pictorial/Scenic- landscape, seascape, mountains
aerials, colour (ADVANCED AND NOVICE)

-Animal(s), domestic or wild, colour (ADVANCED AND NOVICE)

-Botanical, plants, all types, colour (NOVICE)

25. Snapshot, ANIMALS, DOMESTIC OR WILD by an
ADULT, black & white or colour

I have to have my entries in and paid for by this Friday, July 20 (I'd thought it was Monday July 23, so good thing I read that today) so this is cutting it close. The good thing however, is that I don't have to have the actual photos in until:

Exhibits received:
Monday, August 27th, from 5 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. and
Tuesday, August 28th from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m.

Of course, I have to have minimum a week to get them printed, matted and ready to go. But that gives us a bit of time to choose the photos... and in the meantime I can also take more.

July 21 - I've now made some choices. I had to stop looking through my photo files as there is just too much in there that I love for the Pictorial/Scenic. I have an idea or two that I want to try for Animals yet, so I will be adding them in as soon as I take them, if they work out. Hopefully this will be very soon. I think I know which one I like best for Botanical, but there are some others I wish I could enter too, so I'll give you several to choose from and see if your thoughts are the same as mine.

I'll keep you all posted on the votes and on my choices. Basically, keep checking back.

After these choices are made, I might post a bunch of the others I have so you can see them. Maybe make this blog a regular for my photo displays.


Christine of Epiphany said...

The photos are not loading for me.
I like the one in the post before this one that has the water lilies that look unopened~ the one that looks like a Monet painting.

Zephyr said...

I have a whole list of pictures that I love B5, B7, A4, A16, P/S 4, P/S 11 are all right up there!

Madcap said...

I really like B/4 and P/S 4.

I Was Born2Cree8 said...

From an email:

I looked over your blog and here are the ones that I chose. I chose them because I liked them not because of judging ideas. (They are all nice)
B 4, P/S 5, 6, 10. `16, 18

Good luck and lets talk soon.
Love Pat.

Imma (Alice) said...

From an email:

Alice, so many of your photographs are just amazing its difficult to chose! i hope you carry away the whole show

I Was Born2Cree8 said...

From another email:

I am just going to give you a list of numbers of the pics I really like - they are all good thou

B3 - 7 - 8
A3 - 10 - 12 - 16
P/S2 - 4 - 9 - 11

Island 13 16 18 21

Hope this helps you out will probably see you at the fair.

Take care Joan

I Was Born2Cree8 said...

From an email... again:

Here are the ones I picked.

A4--cool feeling
B1--- eye catching
B4----love the way the colours fade out
P/S2---peaceful scene
P/S8---Makes me wish to be there
Good luck Alice . Hoping to see you there.
Love you Helen

jams o donnell said...

There are some really nice photos here. Good luck in the competition

Anonymous said...

Oh, why don't you ask me something easy?!! Here are the ones that may be my favourites [maybe!] Botanical -b3. animals-a13, a1, a7 [too hard to decide].Scenes-ps2, ps5, ps7, ps14, ps16. As I said, they are all super good!! Will talk later -let me know what YOU think. Love, Mom.

Anonymous said...

Hannah - B1
Dale - the one with the driftwood
Debbie T - A10, B5, P/S18