Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Decisions Made

Last night I had a wonderful time with creative, artistic people. Two old friends, one lady I'd met before and 1 new man and myself had a very enjoyable evening in a small internet cafe in a little town not far from where I live. More about that over here. As I said in a post on I Was Born2Cree8, they helped me out with the final choices for my entries in the fair. We named some of the photos, thinking names were needed as they were in Salmon Arm Fair last year, but I checked the rules today and they're not needed at the IPE.

I am very grateful to each and every person who took the time to view and comment on my photos and which they think could win the competition. Your input is appreciated and valued.


B1 had received 13 votes over the past couple weeks that these photos have been here for you to look at. My concern with it was, when looking closely at the larger view, I thought the focus (focal point) was out of focus (The Water Hyacinths are fuzzy), though the leaves are all in a nice, clear focus. I had begun to think maybe it was my imagination, lol, then last night that was one of the comments made about it.

B4 & B5 were very highly praised, but B7 was the final choice. Points made about it were:
- it's 3 dimensional
- the background is out of focus bringing attention to the main focal point, the flowers, which are in sharp focus.
- brings to mind paintings by Van Gogh
- simplicity itself
- the colors are dramatic and striking


Pictoral /Scenic:

P/S 4 & P/S 5:
I was doing my best to listen and take down some notes while everyone was talking, including me, haha. I see now that I wrote down these numbers and I remember even the gal and guy that work there were loving these ones, but I didn't write any of the points that were made and today don't remember any of them... darn. If the photos needed titles, we would call them:
P/S4 - Hidden Treasure
P/S5 - Promised Land




For this category I need 3 photos; 1 Open, 1 Novice, 1 Advanced... and we came up with 5 last night as not everyone could agree on the same ones. Liz mentioned "painterly quality" on a couple of them, Dave had gone home to bed by this time, Camille didn't talk a lot but smiled and shook his head yes over several of them, and Graig gave most of the comments as he's into photography and drawing among other artistic avenues.

A1 - Graig really liked this one and said the fence posts frame the horses. Liz voted against it as she felt the buildings in the background were too distracting; not sure what Camille thought of it.

A5- Everyone liked this one a lot. The deer is licking salt off the highway; I took this through the windshield of my truck and as you can see the deer was undisturbed. Gotta love a zoom lens. "Spring Through The Windshield" may have been a good name as it was taken late one afternoon in May (and if you hit them they can and often do spring right through your windshield). The only comment I have written down is:
- evokes the most emotion (Liz & Graig).

A9- Reba On A Sunday Walk. This one was liked by all at the table, though I'm not so sure it's all that great. Some comments were:
- 3 dimensional
- great contrast of colors; dark subject with light background
- painterly quality

A11- Liz really liked this one, Graig & Camille like it too quite a bit but not as much as Liz.
- "magic" water- color & texture
- animals in focus
-painter quality

#4 - one that I took on my Sunday drive and added to the choices later than the rest. Liz wasn't impressed as anyone can take a photo of a horse, big deal (I don't know how to spell the word she used, so that's the closest I can come to her meaning). She also felt that there was too much background color and that was distracting, Graig thought the background colors enhance the horse and made it more interesting. Graig and Camille both really liked it due to the muscle definition showing on this horse. If it needed a name I would call this one "Equine Applied Force: Definition".






I have to make my final decision on the animals by tomorrow at the latest... I have to get them printed, buy mats, mat them, then take them to the fair on Monday, so time is running short here.

Edit: I've eliminated A1 as much as I like it, due to the shadows the tree is putting on the horses, especially the head of the far horse. Now I'm to the point of thinking "what do I want to enter?" "which do I want hanging on my wall afterwards?" "what would make good Christmas gifts?" hoping to find an answer that will keep me from "eanie, meanie, miny, moe...." haha.

2nd Edit: Okay... I`ve made the final cut. It was not easy, because I like them all, but I`m dropping the cows (A11).

1. ADVANCED - For experienced photographers and
others who want more critical judging than given in
the Novice class. Willing to submit a minimum size of
8 x 10 inches.

2. NOVICE - For less experienced photographers than
advanced, and those who have done well in the Open
classes in the past, and who wish to have more critical
judging of their work than is offered in the Open classes.
Willing to submit a minimum size of 5 x 7 inches.

3. OPEN - Open to everyone, particularly beginners and
those who just enjoy taking pictures; minimum size of
3 1/2 x 5 inches accepted so no enlargements

Animal(s), domestic or wild, colour:
- Advanced: A5
- Novice:
- Open: A9

Botanical, plants, all types, colour:
- Novice: B7

Pictorial/Scenic- landscape, seascape, mountains aerials, colour:
- Advanced:
- Novice: P/S5

It is a big relief to finally have all this finished. Decisions are not one of my strong points, as you may have noticed. Now I can get them printed up (all will be 8x14 except A9 will be 5x7) tomorrow, and then take them to the store where I buy mats, and then starts the next decision process... what color mats look the best with each photo. Then mat them up, add my name and other required into to the back of each one... and submit them on Monday and wait. (Waiting... yet another of my less than strong suits).


pat said...

Alice....am probably on the wrong blog...but it's 2:30 a.m. Sat.
Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your poetry on one of your other blogs. I really feel I know you so much better after having read these.
More please...........

I Was Born2Cree8 said...

Hi Pat. Yes, this is the wrong blog... thank you very much for your kind comments. I do tend to put myself into most of my writings, so I can see how you would feel you know me better now. There will be more, just not sure when, haha. It seems the words come time me when they want to... not when I want them to.